WILL MICROSTRATEGY SURVIVE? A confident Michael Saylor

In Sebastian Junger’s true tale of the October 1991 storm off the coast of Nova Scotia, 100-foot waves quickly rose up around the tiny fishing boat, the Andrea Gail, and its crew of six. “The Perfect Storm,” muses Michael Saylor, leaning back into his chair and comparing the turbulence of the past six months at his company, MicroStrategy, to the plight of the fishing boat. “You’re in the middle of the sea and then the storm pops up. And it’s not like [the crew] got there because they were lazy.” Of course, in the end the Andrea Gail sank. Saylor – the driven, intense entrepreneur who became the poster boy for Washington’s New Economy before his fall from grace this year – says the complete analogy does not hold. He doesn’t believe his ship will fail, and neither do Wall Street analysts.READ MORE